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About us

We are a progressive pro-client agency creating and implementing the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Zlín Region and promoting the quality of life in the Zlín Region with an emphasis on studies, business and professional growth.

Through our own or shared programs, national and European projects, we offer development activities in the areas of:

  • Creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in school pupils and students
  • Acceleration of business plans, including the operation of a business incubator
  • Services for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in the domains of specialization of the Zlín Region
  • Support for research and development in companies with effective cooperation with research organizations
  • Services for improvement human resources management, including career counseling and professional guidance
  • Support for the expansion of endogenous companies in the Zlín Region

We have a tradition since 2005, know-how, we are socially responsible.

We are members of the Transfera.cz association and the Society of Science and Technology Parks of the Czech Republic.